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What do I need for my Goldendoodle?

Buying your first Goldendoodle puppy can be overwhelming and expensive! You may be asking yourself, what is the best shampoo for a doodle? How do I keep my doodles coat from matting? What kind of collar should I buy for my puppy? What size kennel should I get for my Goldendoodle? Let us take some of the guesswork out by guiding you through our favorite budget-friendly items for all shaggy-coated dogs.


Best Goldendoodle Shampoo

With multiple shaggy-coated dogs in the house, we have tried almost every shampoo on the market. We often hear Cowboy Magic and Mane N' Tail recommended, but let me tell you, the Best Shot 3 step system is a literal game-changer. It has cut our dry time in half, matts fall out without brushing, and their fur is left shiny and smooth. Trust us and put this stuff in your shopping cart, you are going to need it. 

Best Goldendoodle Grooming Supplies

Having the right supplies is essential for preventing the dreaded shave down at the groomer. Again and again, we see sad families posting photos of their naked Goldendoodle on social media. They are devastated because they thought they were doing a good enough job with brushing. Maintaining that cute fluffy teddy bear look takes a lot of work and includes line brushing every day. While there are many budget-friendly options out there, we have found that the Chris Christianson slicker brush works the best. Some things are just worth the money. Another necessary tool for coat maintenance is a force dryer. Unless you plan on keeping your dog short, NEVER let the coat dry by air. Use your force dryer to dry the coat thoroughly, at least every two weeks. We have included our favorite budget-friendly pick and the one that we use below. We also recommend having a dematting comb on hand to remove small matts without cutting. 

Best Goldendoodle Toys

Goldendoodles are super bright and love to please. When stimulated, they make fantastic service dogs and even better pets. Keeping your puppy entertained can make or break your relationship with them, it is also super important for their brain development. We recommend having puzzles, lick mats, and chew toys on hand to engage your puppy when you can't have your eyes on them. 

Best Goldendoodle Kennel

When it comes to kennels, bigger is not better. Large kennels lead to potty accidents. Therefore the experts recommend a kennel just big enough for your puppy to stand up and turn around. It is best to buy a large kennel with a divider so that it can grow with your pup. Having a safe play area outside of the kennel is also a great training tool. We have also found that the Snuggle Puppy helps comfort puppies in their new homes and curbs some of the crying that goes along with kennel training. 

Best Goldendoodle Feeding Supplies

Choosing dog food can be such a hard choice. We want to feed our dogs the best while avoiding recalls and not breaking the bank. We have had great results with Fromm dog food. We always recommend checking your dog's food at to ensure that it is at least four stars. We also encourage the use of slow feeders to avoid problems with bloat, and automatic water bowls to keep your pooch hydrated.

Best Goldendoodle training tools

Clickers and head collars are, hands down, our two favorite training tools. If you want to cut your training time down, a clicker is a handy tool that helps the dog understand precisely what they did right. We raise our puppies using positive reinforcement methods, so they all go home ready to be trained with a clicker. We also love head collars. A head collar is a gentle tool that helps to keep your puppy focused and prevent pulling. Contrary to popular belief, a dog can completely open and shut its mouth with a head collar. When used correctly, it is safer than a traditional collar that pushes on the trachea. Introducing your puppy to a head collar young will help them accept the tool much faster and make leash training a breeze! Always remember to steer clear of retractable leashes during training as they encourage pulling.

Goldendoodle Car Safety

Did you know that an unrestrained  80-pound dog in a crash at only 30 mph will exert approximately 2400 pounds of force? Leaving your dog unrestrained in the car is not only dangerous for your dog, but for your family as well. Keep your loved ones safe and restrain your dog in the car.

Goldendoodle odds and ends

Picking up poop is a crappy job, but having a good pooper scooper will help. We also recommend a fluff-free bed to eliminate the chances of ending up with filling all over your house

We hope that this list will help you prepare. For recommendations on other ways to prepare for your puppy, please visit our preparing for puppy page. Feel free to reach out anytime with questions!

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