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What is Puppy Culture?

Puppy Culture is an excellent training program that focuses on the first few months of a dog's life. The first twelve weeks are a critical time for socialization. This period is so vital that experts believe a person can no longer socialize a puppy after 12-16 weeks of age; instead, owners must desensitize them at that point. The breeder can shape a puppy's future before they even enter your home. We feel that it is our job to ensure that your puppy has the best possible start to life; that is why we implement Puppy Culture Protocols with all of our litters.  

Puppy Culture training protocols focus on teaching puppies to be resilient, problem-solve, and effectively communicate with their humans. It also lays the foundation to avoid problem behaviors such as food aggression, jumping, and anxiety. We recommend that all families purchase and watch Puppy Culture before picking up their puppy so that they can continue the protocols once their puppy comes home. 

Watch the video below to learn more or click the button to purchase the Puppy Culture Program. 

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